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Dr Kochar's House Of Smiles

Begin your journey into the world of smiles. It’s a place where you can give wings to your aspirations. The time is now, the revolution is here.

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    DKHOS is India’s most trustworthy dental clinic.

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    Work Ethics

    DKHOS is one amongst Chandigarh first dental clinic to embrace proper friendly work ethics.

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    Leading Clinic

    Awarded and recognised by leading dental excellence authorities in India.

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    Perfect Workplace

    We have worked over the years to create a near perfect workplace that ensures every employee of DKHOS is inspired and engaged constantly be it a Monday or a Sunday.

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    Achieve Your Best

    By accelerating potential and nurturing talent, we help you achieve your best.

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    Add Wings

    We endeavour to add wings of opportunity to your career.

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    We believe every individual brings with him/her a great source of energy which when given a proper direction can be utilized very efficiently.

So if you believe you have following key skills, contact us:

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There’s an opportunity for everyone.

We are a family of diverse teams and talented individuals, all playing different yet significant roles.

We believe in complete teamwork to bring out the best results.

Pick A Team, Find Your Opportunity And Get In Touch With Us:

Current Openings:

  • 1. Endodontist

    Requirement: 2 yrs Experience

  • 2. Pedodontist

    Requirement: 2 yrs Experience

  • 3. Periodontist

    Requirement: 2 yrs Experience

  • 4. Front Office Manager

    Requirement: 2 yrs Experience

  • 5. Front Office Executive

    Requirement: 1 yrs Experience

  • 6. Quality Control Manager

    Requirement: 2 yrs Experience


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