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In your personality, a smile plays a vital role. But what if your smile hides due to teeth problems? Do not worry, Dr. Kochar’s Dental Clinic in Chandigarh protects your smile so that you can flaunt your happiness without any worry. As the advanced dental care centre in Chandigarh, we are recognized for effective treatment at a reasonable cost. Whenever a person prepares himself for dental treatment, there are a number of doubts that always keep running in his mind. For instance, if you are facing some tooth decay problem then you will search for an effective treatment that is painless. For this, you will browse your internet for the best clinic. But now you do not need to worry. Our dental experts provide the best dental treatment to our patients. Our team is highly educated, skilled, experienced, and well recognized for successful dental treatment in Tricity. In dental implantology and prosthetics treatment, Dr. Kochar’s Clinic is the best that has a specialized and expert team.

Perfect Smile Makeover Clinic In Chandigarh

Everyone wants a perfect smile and to maintain it a proper consultation is mandatory. In children, tooth cavity problems are common. After a plethora of efforts, you can not vanish sugar items from a child’s meal. So it’s better for children’s tooth problems you must consult a dentist. Here, In Dr. Kochar’s Clinic, we provide online consultation also where you can ask for any query related to teeth problems. As the best dental clinic in Chandigarh, our dentists understand the concern of every individual dental patient for his/her particular dental treatment needs. To provide excellent and effective treatment we are just one call away.

How Can You Protect Your Smile?

Now a question arises on how you can protect your smile from chronic problems such as cavities. As a perfect smile dental clinic in Chandigarh, Below we have mentioned some tips that you must adapt on a regular basis.

  • Do brushing twice a day.
  • Do flossing on a regular basis.
  • Adapt to a healthy meal.
  • Change toothbrush after three months.
  • Take regular oral checkups.
  • Take immediate consultation if you face any dental problem because prevention is better than cure
  • Regular Inspection for children as they love to eat sweets that can build cavities.

As Best Dentist In Chandigarh, Patients Safety Is Our First Priority

Safety@Dr. Kochar’s Clinic

In our clinic, we have enhanced the safety protocols under the WHO guidelines. We are following all the safety measures to ensure the safety of our patients. Without any worry, you can visit our clinic.

Proper Sterilization

As the advanced dental care centre in Chandigarh, it is the first step of our treatment process. Our dentist sterilizes all the tools properly after use.

Quality Treatment

We do not compromise with our quality treatment. As a perfect smile dental clinic in Chandigarh, we are known for our work quality that is remarkable for our patients.

Latest Technology

In the modern era, technology has taken a big boom that is commendable. We have the latest technology that enhances the value of our treatment. Our best dentist in Chandigarh uses advanced technology for dental treatment for the comfort of our patients.

At Dr. Kochars, We Care For You

We care for you and our patients love us for it. We are the most trusted dental clinic in Chandigarh and North India. We are the only accredited clinic by NABH in Chandigarh. We have dozens of 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google, and Practo


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Dr. Kochar’s – House of Smiles, is a multispecialty dental clinic in Chandigarh, with a vision to provide outstanding services in dentistry.

Established in 2000, Dr. Kochar’s House of Smiles was conceived with an ideology to bring unsurpassed dental mastery to our elite societies. >> Read More

Why Choose Dr. Kochar’s

Our initiative towards dental surgery has always lead us towards the patients care

At DR. KOCHARS HOUSE OF SMILES, we want you to feel at home, surrounded by professionals, who are compassionate, dedicated and always ready to assist you. We believe in clarifying your doubts and initiate to transform your visit into a pleasant and positive experience.

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Why Choose Dr. Kochar’s

Dedication. Perfection. Distinction

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Our Dental Clinic in Chandigarh believes in providing the best to our patients.
Our dental experts aim at making your dental treatment a relaxing and soothing one.

NABH Accredited

Honourd to be the First NABH Accredited Dental Clinic in Chandigarh

Cutting edge technology

As we value your time and believe in precision

All MDS doctors available

Whatever may be your concern our specialists are available for you. Be it Dental fillings , smile makeover , crowns & bridges , whatever dental emergency you are going through, our dentists in Chandigarh are available 24/7 at your service.

Internationally approved equipment

We pledge to provide you with quality treatment

Highest level of sterilization

Your health is our concern

Relaxing and soothing atmosphere

We make dental treatment like a spa treatment for you with foot and leg massager

All dental treatment under one roof

Dr.Kochar’s is your place for all dental needs

Meditation room

Few minutes of Meditation daily saves years of medication

Recharge yourself

A menu card with 8 refreshing drinks, cookies, mobile charging station, complimentary Wifi, free apple ipad for surfing.

Above all it’s our Ethical approach towards treating you holistically in an ultra- modern setting that makes us your choice.

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3 Years Smile Warranty

Smile warranty, a unique program by Dr. Kochar’s, for individuals, families and kids to insure their smile for the next three years. Therefore, we have customized the Smile Warranty membership program to insure your oral health

There are no individual insurance schemes that cover your teeth. Hence, we have brought you an opportunity where you can protect your teeth and save your bright smile for as long as 3 years.

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