What is Tooth Whitening?

Whitening of teeth is a procedure in which either the natural tooth color is restored back or whitening of the tooth is done beyond the natural color. Different products are available for tooth whitening which can be used either at home or dental office. This method is ideal for stains caused by age or food.
Tooth whitening is also known as bleaching, a normal procedure to whiten the natural tooth shade. It is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry and a number of different techniques are used by dental professionals.

What Are the Advantages of Tooth Whitening?

  • Bright white smile.
  • Enhanced confidence.
  • Wouldn’t need to hide yellow teeth.

What Is the Procedure of Tooth Whitening Treatment?

Tooth whitening can be performed either in dental clinic or even at home.

  • Professional Method: a tooth whitening gel is applied over the teeth and a special light is used to activate the gel so as to begin the whitening process. The facility for this method is available only in the dental clinic.
  • Home bleaching/Walking tooth whitening method: This is a tray based whitening system where, trays are made in the dental clinic. A whitening gel is carried to the tooth surface with the help of these trays.
  • The trays are usually worn for a few hours every day for a period of 21 days. Although the results are slower but the effect are usually comparable to the professional whitening method.

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Tooth Whitening