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Fillings & Restorative Dentistry – Dr Kochar's

Fillings & Restorative Dentistry

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Nothing gives us more pleasure than being able to conserve your natural teeth and help it remain healthy for life. At Dr. Kochar’s, preservation of your teeth is our aim. This branch of specialization includes "fillings" in simple terms. Be it a chipped tooth, a decayed tooth or one with an old filling, we have a range of newest and most advanced materials to give you a filing that will help your tooth regain its lost health.


Step 1: Meet our specialist to know the best treatment options
Step 2: The decayed part of your tooth is removed because the filling goes best with your teeth when
the bacteria don’t interfere.
Step 3: The teeth are prepared to recieve the filling.
Step 4: The best material for you is filled and polished to give your tooth its natural health back


A modified filling fabricated and customized to your tooth contour. It provides a better fit and adaptation to the tooth. We have a range of advanced materials that can used to restore the tooth.


Step 1: Meet our experts to know what material will best suit you
Step 2: The tooth is made caries free and modified to recieve the inlay/onlay

Step 3: Measurements are made and sent to lab for fabrication
Step 4: The fit is checked and cemented on the tooth.

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