Do I need a crown on my rct treated tooth!

Yes for Shure. Rct treated tooth is a week tooth which will fracture under chewing force, so to increase its strength we need to reinforce it with crown or we can go for a latest high-tech technology like only

How long will my tooth serve after getting rct or what will be the life of my tooth after rct?

Rct treated tooth can serve for many more years. Its life will depend upon how much forces u put n how clean u keep it by brushing n flossing.

Can I chew immediately after my 1st sitting?

You can chew from other side, just avoid eating anything hard from rct t/t tooth for few days.

Why did I have swelling and pain after my 1st sitting of rct?

Whenever the amount of infection is more , it sometimes spreads when touched. It is a response of body which goes within 2-3 days.

Patients in whom we will prescribe antibiotics?

Heart disease patients, joint replacements, uncontrolled diabetics, severe tooth infections.

I have pain after my 1st sitting is it normal?

Rct is like a minor surgery. Can you think of any surgery without minor post operative pain? You need to take given pain killers and it will sort it out within few days. But in case of severe pain or swelling give us a visit as soon as possible. 

Why cant i just get my tooth extracted?

Sir we believe in saving everything given by god as gift. Your tooth can serve for years and can help you chew,look n feel better . An artificial tooth/bridge can never match a natural tooth in its efficiency.

How many sittings will it take?

That will depend on how fast your tooth becomes bacteria free. Usually takes 1 to 3 sittings. The whole purpose of rct is to take out infection from tooth so depending upon extent of infection sittings increases

Is RCT very painfull ?

We will numb/anesthetize your tooth nicely before proceeding. It will be very comfortable. Rct is like a minor surgery , so mild to moderate pain is possible depending on the amount of infection tooth has. We will take care of you,its our promise so Don’t worry !!

Why do I need to get rct ? cant I just get simple filling in my tooth?

Sir/ Mam your tooth has surpassed the stage of simple filling, as the decay has reached the nerve so in that case to properly clean the tooth and to remove all the infection we will have to save the tooth by rct. If we do simple filling , this can instead cause more pressure on your nerve resulting in more pain.