Energy Drinks & Your Teeth

Energy drinks are non-alcoholic beverages containing caffeine, guarana, glucuronolactone, taurine, ginseng, inositol, carnitine, B-vitamins, etc as the main ingredients that act as stimulants to enhance mental alertness and physical performance.

People often grab an energy drink to refuel themselves but are not aware of the irreversible harm that these drinks do to your teeth.

How Do Energy Drinks Harm Your Teeth?

Energy drinks are labeled as an “acid mouthwash” that bathe your teeth with large amounts of sugar and acid. The high acid content can erode the tooth enamel, the outer shiny surface of your teeth and increases the susceptibility to caries and tooth sensitivity. The sugar in these energy drinks is converted to acid with the help of bacteria present in your mouth. which can damage your tooth enamel.

Side Effects of Having Energy Drinks

Yes apart from harming our teeth, high consumption of energy drinks can cause side effects like irregular heartbeat, nervousness, high blood pressure, seizures, etc

Children tend to be more sensitive to caffeine as it is harmful to their growth. People having asthma and heart conditions are at greater risk.

Things to Consider Before you have Your Next Energy Drink

  • Do not mix energy drinks with alcohol as it can lead to risky behavior and dangerous drinking practices.
  • Energy drinks are not the same as a sports drink. If consumed during exercise, they can cause dehydration.
  • Pregnant ladies should not consume energy drinks as too much caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage and also interferes with the baby’s growth.
  • In lactating mothers, too much caffeine can keep the baby awake and make them restless.

Top 3 Alternatives for Your Energy Drink

The bottom line is to quit the habit and switch to healthier options like :

  1. Drink coconut water or electrolyte infused water to refuel yourself
  2. Green smoothies and juices, which are natural sources of vitamin B
  3. Green tea that contains antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body

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