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Millions of people every year fly from USA, Australia and Europe to tourist places in India for a grand holiday and DENTAL TREATMENT. Yes, its true. The cost of dental treatment in the western countries is approximately 7-10 times more than that in India. With these high costs people have started to club their tours with dental treatments into one, ending up by having a grand holiday almost FREE.

So, What is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism is a term that has risen from the rapid growth of the industry where people from all around the world are traveling to other countries to obtain medical, dental, and surgical care while at the same time touring, vacationing, and fully experiencing the attractions of the countries that they are visiting.
Though there are other countries too where medical tourism is already being actively promoted such as Greece, South Africa, Jordan, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, India is fast emerging as the most preferred, competent and cost effective contender in the world with respect to Health Care – tourism.
Long recognized for its cultural and scenic beauty, India is now being put up on international map as a heaven for those seeking quality and affordable healthcare.

Tooth, Tourism And Trade – Destination India

Make your trip a cherished memory & enjoy the holidays with high quality of dental treatment done at very affordable prices.Dr. Kochar House of smiles is located near the City beautiful Chandigarh. The city Chandigarh is considered as the Mecca of modern architecture and planning all over the world.

Why India?

Availability of numerous Hospitals and Clinics in each and every part of India, with 24 Hours medical facilities and well qualified staff. This avoids the problems of waiting lists as seen in American or European hospitals. In addition the one-to -one attention, shown in Indian Hospitals, availability of professionally trained personal nurses and 24 hour servants are the unimaginable luxuries for people coming from developed countries.
Treatment in India is Cost effective and very efficient. This is a major factor that attracts tourist from all around the globe particularly in the field of dentistry.
Indian doctors and hospitals are globally known for their kindness and personal care towards their patients.
It is said that “Faith is the best healer.” The strong confidence people have in Indian Medical Systems and Practices attracts them to India.
Leisure Tourism is already very much in demand in India as the country offers diverse cultural and scenic beauty. India has almost all sorts of destinations like high mountains, vast deserts, scenic beaches, historical monuments, religious temples etc. Known for its hospitality for tourists, the county has opened doors to welcome with the same hospitality the medical patients.
Another advantage of getting treatment in India is the opportunity of getting introduced with India’s rich cultural heritage with national integration along with its temples, forts, palaces, art, music, dances customs and of course food.
Within Delhi one can go around visiting Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Rajghat, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Mantar, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Lotus Temple and Rashtrapati Bhawan. You can also plan short excursions depending on your interests.

Sector 17

The most important place to visit is Sector 17, its sleek shopping area and the city center. Planned around four pedestrian concourses meeting at a central Chowk, it is a pedestrian’s paradise, dotted with fountains, sculptures, and groves of tree. In summer one can move from one end of the sector to the other under the shade of a corridor, and in winter it is nice to be out in the sun-drenched piazzas. In the evenings, when the colorful mosaic of neon signs and the aesthetically illuminated fountains come alive, it becomes the city’s biggest outdoor club. And the people congregate there for the thrill of the urban rub and the excitement of its shop-front glitter

Leisure Valley

A major feature of Chandigarh is its Leisure Valley , which, like a garland of gardens, ornaments the city from one end to the other. A natural eroded valley of the city site with a small gurgling rivulet has been now developed into a series of theme gardens. The most famous of these is the Rose Garden. The other prominent parks of the city are the Garden of Tranquility, Garden of Rare Plants, Garden of Annuals, and the Bougainvillea Garden.

The Rock Garden

No description of Chandigarh gardens can be complete without a mention of its most celebrated creations, The Rock Garden . Spread over 12 acres of wooded land near the Capitol Complex of Le Corbusier, it is the creation of a humble former road inspector: Nek Chand. Turning urban waste material into creative patterns and textures, his touch transformed mute rocks into art objects. Mysterious spaces with stones, rocks and waterfalls recreate the awe and wonder of primordial nature. This unabashed realm of natural and manmade creativity attracts people of all age groups, and from all parts of the world.

Rose Garden

Named after India’s former President Dr. Zakir Hussain, the famous Rose Garden was established in 1967 under the guidance of Chandigarh’s first Chief Commissioner, Late Dr. M.S. Randhawa. The largest Rose Garden in Asia, is spread over an area of 27 acres and has more than 17000 plants representing some 1600 varieties of roses. Along with the roses, emphasis was also given to the trees of medicinal value and some unique species of trees to enhance the beauty of the garden. The annual “Festival of Gardens“ is organized in the Rose Garden in the month of February and is listed in the “National Calendar of Events.

Sukhna Lake.

Another favorite recreation spot of the nature-loving people of Chandigarh is the Sukhna Lake. Created by building an artificial dam on a seasonal stream, it is spread over a large area. A two-kilometer-long promenade along the lakeshore is a popular place for strolling. On any day, early in the morning, fitness buffs of all age groups can be seen walking, jogging, and performing yoga or vigorous exercises at the lakefront.

Today top class medical,dental treatment is just a flight away and it’s no secret that thousand’s of people from U.S.,Europe,U.K. and other countries travel to India for their Dental treatment.If you are having dental problems then you should consider going abroad for your dental treatment.India has seen a great increase in the dental tourism in recent years.The dental tourism in India has an edge over others for its cost-effective,quality and timely done dental care