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What Are Crown & Bridges?

The science behind the rehabilitation of lost tooth structure or replacing a missing tooth is what we cover under our Crown and Bridge services.  Be it a single or multiple tooth loss, at Dr. Kochar’s you shall find the solution to replacement.
Crown and bridges are used to replace one or few teeth in the mouth. These are fixed onto natural teeth and once fixed can only be taken out by your dentist.
In short, to simplify the difference, Crown/Cap is a tooth like cover which is cemented over the existing tooth. Whereas, Bridge joins the crown with the artificial tooth/teeth, together the whole thing is fixed to the existing natural teeth acting as pillars for support of the entire structure.


Types of Crowns?

You are different and so are the needs of your teeth. Every tooth may require different material. Meet our experts to know what material will be best for you. We provide you with a range of options including:

Metal Crowns

  • Less of tooth cutting needed
  • Very well tolerates forces in the mouth
  • More economical

Porcelain fused to metal

  • More esthetics than metal cap
  • More wear and tear of opposing tooth
  • Porcelain part chip off at times
  • when given in case of front teeth, the reflection of metal part can be seen as a dark area over the gums

Metal Free Crowns

What is the Importance of Crown & Bridges?

  • If you have a weak tooth, a crown can protect it, such as one with extensive decay. After Root Canal treatment to support a dental bridge or to cover a discolored tooth or one that is misshaped thereby improving the esthetics.
  • For replacing one or few tooth/teeth which are lost due to Gum disease, Deep cavities destroying the tooth shape or the Trauma/fracture.
  • To fill up the spaces created by loss of teeth so that other teeth are not shifted into these spaces creating issues like TMJ (temporomandibular) problems.
  • To provide with better esthetics in front teeth

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of Crowns & Bridges?

  • Aesthetics

    A crown restores the full shape and color of the tooth, making your smile impeccable.
  • Protection

    A crown offers the best possible protection for a weak tooth.
  • Durability

    Crowns have long life of lasting as long as 15 years or even more.
  • Bridge will restore your clarity of speech and increase your ability to chew your food.
  • A bridge distributes the force of your bite equally to alleviate stress on other teeth

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