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We love to keep our team happy and prosper together

Begin your journey into the world of smiles. It’s a place where you can give wings to your aspirations. The time is now, the revolution is here.

DKHOS is India’s most trustworthy dental clinic.
DKHOS is one of Chandigarh first dental clinics to embrace proper friendly work ethics.
We have worked over the years to create a near-perfect workplace that ensures every employee of DKHOS is inspired and engaged constantly be it a Monday or a Sunday.
Awarded and recognized by leading dental excellence authorities in India.
By accelerating potential and nurturing talent, we help you achieve your best.
We endeavor to add wings of opportunity to your career.
We believe every individual brings with him/her a great source of energy which when given a proper direction can be utilized very efficiently.

Dentist You can Trust

So if you believe you have following key skills, contact us:

  • 1. Positive Values
  • 2. Commitment to excellence
  • 3. Open and honest communication
  • 5. Integrity
  • 6. Patient oriented
  • 7. Focused and true to your work
  • 7. Punctuality
  • 8. Have leadership quality
  • 9. Ownership of your work and clinic
  • 10. Positive thinking come what may

To connect to our Human Resources Department, email at hrmanager@drkochar.com