Refund and Cancellation Policy

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1. Dr. Kochar’s House of Smiles ensures best clinical practices by highly trained doctors in our clinics. However, if the prognosis/ outcome of any treatment is not on the desired lines, due to various limitations, Dr. Kochar’s House of Smiles undertakes to:

 a) Appoint a senior doctor or Senior Specialist for a Second or an Independent opinion.
b) Repeat the treatment, at no cost & on priority subject to:

b i. That the Patient has been regular in appointments and attended the clinic when called by doctor. Patient has been regular to maintain oral hygiene / followed instructions and presented for post-operative Check-ups, as advised.

b.ii. In case of Orthodontic appliances, complied with treatment protocols for example: Removable retainers being used regularly as advised.

b.iii. In case of Implants, patient has to follow post-operative instructions, maintain normal blood parameters, abstain from smoking and come for regular post-operative checkups.

b.iv. If patient seeks treatment from a clinic other than Dr. Kochar’s House of Smiles, repeat Treatment guarantee for the same procedure will not be honored.

b.v. Further, if the cost of new treatment is likely to be higher than that previously paid, then the differential amount will be paid by the patient.

2.  No Refund will be considered by the Company in following cases:

a) When a specialist consultation has been done and/or material/implant/ortho brackets/denture/crown for the same has been ordered for the patient.

b) Once treatment or part of the treatment has commenced or the final treatment is over.

c) If paid towards booking/undergoing a treatment under an ‘offer’. However, the amount can be used/adjusted for any other treatment for self in Dr. Kochar’s House of Smiles.

3. Rescheduling of the online appointment is possible only before 2 hours of actual commencement of the procedure. On rescheduling no additional charge will be levied on the patient till 60 days. After 60 days period, full consultation fees need to be borne by the patient.

4. Cancellation of online appointment is possible only before 2 hours of actual commencement of the procedure. On cancellation fee @ INR 100 will be deducted.


1. Refund claims will be entertained when there has been a change in the patient’s medical history, which renders him/her unsuitable for the said treatment or the treatment is not in the best interest of the patient.

a) Refunds, when admissible, will be processed in patient’s bank account. Refund process may take up to 30 days.

b) Consultation fee @ INR 300 will be deducted & a processing fee of INR 100 will be levied for every refund.

c) Online cancellation of the appointment can be made on the DKHOS website, auto refund of Rs. 200/- will be initiated by the payment portal.


Management of Dr. Kochar’s House of Smiles reserves the right to accept or reject any refund based on the clinical findings and patient history. Disputes if any are subject to Chandigarh Jurisdiction, where the company has its corporate office.